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Welcome to our website.  We hope you find everything you are looking for here.  Please click on a page to the left to get information on that specific item. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us by phone or email. 


Current Registrations

Basketball Skills Camp                Ages 7 - 12                $70.00 
                         June 5 - 9             9:00am - 12:00pm     
                          Min. 5 campers, max. 30 campers
                    Instructors:  Betty Mathies and Clint Willie
                            Registration open 5/25 - 6/2

Volleyball Skills Camp                Ages 9 - 15                $60.00 
                         June 5 - 9            12:30pm - 2:30pm     
                          Min. 5 campers, max. 30 campers
                    Instructors:  Betty Mathies and Clint Willie
                            Registration open 5/25 - 6/2

Baseball / Softball Skills Camp   Ages 7 - 12                $60.00 
                         June 19 - 23         9:00am - 11:30am     
                          Min. 5 campers, max. 30 campers
                    Instructors:  Betty Mathies and Clint Willie
                            Registration open 5/25 - 6/16

Dance Camp                              Ages 6 and up            $45.00
                        July 10 - 14           9:00am - 12:00pm
                          Min. 6 campers, max. 15 campers
                          Instructor:  Jutone Isham - Reyes
                              Registration open 5/25 - 7/7

Mounting Orchids Class            Ages 15 and up           $25.00
                   Tuesday June 13 and Saturday June 17
                                 (two separate classes)
                              Min. 5 students, max. 100
                              Instructor: Urbain Breaud
                           Registration open 5/25 - 6/16

Ongoing Registrations

Art                           Ages 7 and up         $65.00 per session +
                                                                                 one time art supply fee

Registration for art is ongoing.  Classes are in six week sessions.   Students may call the Park office to register.  Online registration for art is not available.


Yoga & Pilates                                        $60.00 per session

Registration for yoga and pilates is ongoing.  Classes are in six week sessions (except for Saturday class, those are week to week).  Students may start at anytime.  Call the Park office to register.  Online registration is not available for yoga or pilates.


Upcoming Registrations

Fall Activities:

Barre Class for adults

Please pay attention to the registration deadlines for each sport / class.  Late registrants are NOT guaranteed to be taken.  If is YOUR responsibility to know the deadline and sign your child up.


If you are not currently on our email list, please contact the office and we will be happy to add you so that you will receive updates on registrations as well as other Park happenings.


If you need to register your child or yourself for a sport, class, camp or clinic, please click on the following link to our registration site

We participate in the West St. Tammany League (WST) and play games in Folsom as well as Abita Springs, Bush, Covington, Lacombe and Lee Road.  For football, we also play in Madisonville, Pearl River and Slidell.  Below, you will find addresses for each of these locations as well as the sport(s) played at each.
Park Addresses 
Abita - 
C.J. Finn Ballpark                                                                                            All Sports
22514 Highway 36                                                                 
Bush - 
Recreation District 2                                                                                        All Sports
30100 Crawford Cemetery Rd.                                  
Covington -
William Pitcher Jr. High School                                                       Football & Basketball
415 S. Jefferson St.                                                
Covington Ball Fields                                                                          Baseball & Softball
4001 de Porres Dr.

Covington Youth Soccer Fields                                                                             Soccer
74020 Penn Mill Road
Folsom -
Magnolia Park                                                                                                  All Sports
13296 Highway 40                                                   
Lacombe -
Chata Ima Elementary School                                                                             Football
27488 Pichon Rd.                                                    
John Davis Gym                                                                                              Basketball
61100 N. 12th St.                                                   
Keller Field                                                                                        Baseball & Softball
63131 Fish Hatchery Road
Lee Road -
Lee Road Junior High School                                                           Football & Basketball
79131 Highway 40                                                  
Lee Road Ballpark                                                                              Baseball & Softball
83462 Hwy. 1129
Madisonville -
Coquille Sports Complex                                                                                     Football
13505 Highway 1085                                               
Pearl River -
Sixth Ward Junior High School                                                                            Football
72360 Highway 41                                                  
Slidell -
SBBA Park                                                                                                          Football
3160 Terrace Avenue     

Notice -

Approximately every six weeks from March to October, Recreation District # 12 applies a spray along the fence lines to kill grass.  The Louisiana Department of Agriculture has deemed the product we use to be safe and our application standards to be in compliance per a visit on July 22, 2016. 

Fertilizer is also applied to the fields throughout the year as well as spray for army worms, mole crickets, weeds and ants.  All chemicals applied to the fields are done by Lobb's Horticultural Spray East Inc.

If you have any questions about how, what, when or why we spray, please feel free to contact the office at 796-5045 or  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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